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Im trying to run a code, but I cannot successed..

neus92neus92 Member Posts: 2
Hello guys.
I just started to study C language, and the first thing I have done, was to write a simple C code on Microsoft Visual C++..
I just copy-pasted a simply code from "Wiki", compile it, and run.
The code just calculated some simple things, like avrage of some grades and etc.. unfortunatly, when I enter some values to the program, and trying to get a result, the program just closing itself(not the Microsoft visual c++, the C file that I have written..)
so I cannot see the result(in this case, I cant see the value of the avrage of grades..) the program is just writing this statement:"[3440] sucka.exe: Native' has exited with code 0 (0x0)."
someone can help me please?:


  • Pelle-48Pelle-48 Member Posts: 43
    Normally if you are testing a simple program in windows it will close very fast in the end. You have two alternatives:
    Run the exe-file in a DOS box or add some kind of input in the end of your program like:
    (this is c)
    printf("write a single letter
    letter = getchar();

    You need #include in the beginning for c
  • neus92neus92 Member Posts: 2
    still the same.. its just closing it..

  • Pelle-48Pelle-48 Member Posts: 43
    On you have a huge amount of test programs. Try something simple like A+B and see if it works with your compiler!
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