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Rendering Biped Bones with DirectX 9

AnddosAnddos Posts: 5Member
I am new to DirectX and have an animated model up on screen thats in .X format, what i want todo is render the bones, there is 35 of them

Here is a list

Bip01_R_UpperArm 0
Bip01_Spine3 1
Bip01_Neck 2
Bip01_Spine2 3
Bip01_Spine1 4
Bip01_R_Clavicle 5
Bip01_Spine 6
Bip01_L_UpperArm 7
Bip01_L_Clavicle 8
Bip01_Pelvis 9
Bip01_R_Thigh 10
Bip01_L_Thigh 11
Bip01_R_Calf 12
Bip01_R_Foot 13
Bip01_R_Toe0 14
Bip01_L_Calf 15
Bip01_L_Foot 16
Bip01_L_Toe0 17
Bip01_L_Forearm 18
Bip01_L_Hand 19
Bip01_L_Finger1 20
Bip01_L_Finger11 21
Bip01_L_Finger0 22
Bip01_L_Finger01 23
Bip01_L_Finger02 24
Bip01_L_Finger12 25
Bip01_R_Forearm 26
Bip01_R_Hand 27
Bip01_R_Finger1 28
Bip01_R_Finger11 29
Bip01_R_Finger0 30
Bip01_R_Finger01 31
Bip01_R_Finger02 32
Bip01_R_Finger12 33
Bip01_Head 34

heres how the update function gets the bone matrix

// set FinalMatrices to that frame's offset matrix
FinalMatrices[i] = *pMeshContainer->pSkinInfo->GetBoneOffsetMatrix(i);

// multiply that by the animated frame matrix
FinalMatrices[i] *= *pMeshContainer->ppFrameMatrices[i];

now do i need to convert the FinalMatrix array to D3DXVECTORS?
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