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Removing decimal from double?

RojBlakeRojBlake Posts: 1Member

I've only just started learning Java, and I've just progressed from programs like "HelloWorld" and such

I've written an extremely simple and basic program, that measures time dilation when a fictive space vessle travels close to the speed of light...
It's working as I've intended, however, my ambition is to remove all decimals from the answer. For example if I get answer of 15.93848929393, I've used
Math.floor to round the double off, however now it will be displayed as 15.0 and I would like to be rid of the decimal completely.
Is there anybody who can give me a suggestion as to how to remove the decimal?
Please bear with me, I'm a complete noob at this, and there's a lot I still don't know and understand...

Here is the code:

import javax.swing.*;
import java.lang.Math;

public class TimeDilation {
public void dilation(){

double speedoflight, result, round;

speedoflight = Double.parseDouble(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("En ter lightspeed"));
result = 100*(Math.sqrt(1-(Math.pow(speedoflight, 2))));
round = Math.floor(result);

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "If you travel for 100 years on Earth " + round + " years will pass on The Magellan");



Thanks in advance for any replies!!


  • joet1984joet1984 Posts: 2Member
    Many ways to do it. You can use an integer instead of a double

    double speedoflight, round;
    int result;

    speedoflight = Double.parseDouble(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("En ter lightspeed"));
    result = 100*(Math.sqrt(1-(Math.pow(speedoflight, 2))));

    The difference between double and int is double has a decimal point value and int does not. (Also, the compiler sets aside more memory for a double so it can hold a larger value). If for some reason you needed the floor you could do

    int resultWithoutDecimal;

    resultWithoutDeciaml = (int) result;

    The (int) before the result means you are casting a double to an int. You can read up on that if you are interested
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