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What I need is,.......Sample of any such topics,...
topics, ideas and titles for the bca final year project in with sql server

free download the ready innovative simple projects for the final year of bca in with sql server

New 2012 Academic Project List for BE, ME, BTech, BCA, MCA, MBA, Bsc-IT, MS, BIT, ADIT, DOEACC, IGNOU, SMU, YCMOU student.

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Online Library Management System

-Library Management System, user can online check the book availability, they can search the books, library staff can issue, receive book, and management can check the report from different location via internet.

Modules - User/Member Management, Books, Authors, Issue, Receive Book, Transaction, Late fees, Reports

Type - WEB

Front End - ASP.NET - VB.NET

Back End - SQL Server

Others - Java Script

Forms/Pages/Reports : 36

Database Tables - 12

Project Report : 114 Pages
>> View Project Demo <<


Examples of topics

Attendance and Leave Management System
Hospital Management System
Online Customer Care
Electronic Fund Transfer System
Travel Agency Management System
Liabrary Management System
Call Center Management System ASP Net
Online Shopping ASP Net
Textile Web Services ASP Net

Auction System ASP Net
Online Quiz ASP Net
Online Bank ASP Net
Online Voting System ASP Net
Securing Image URL ASP Net
Web Services ASP Net
Smart Knowledge Provider ASP Net
Online Book Shop ASP Net
Electronic Fund Transfer ASP Net
Work Flow Management System ASP Net
Online Customer Care ASP Net

Ice cream parlour management system
Pizza hut - account management system
Web Based help desk
Honey Pots- A Security System to Identify Black Hat Community in Networks
Water Marking Relational Databases Using Optimization technique
Quantum Key Distribution for 3rd party authentication
OMR Sheet Reader

Multi player strategy game: Project ideas on Visual basic,Java,Database
You can develop a speech reponse application using some hardware interface using the Microsoft SAPI SDK
You can develop a Microsoft Word like application in VB ( a text editor basically)
Timetable generation (user will input subjects, faculty times, class room times) : User will also input subject seriality and topics to be taken for the week
CD library management
Admission procedure
Online passport registeration

You can develop a LAN administrator tool (socket programming comes easy in VB) which will monitor application on a LAN and provide functions
Voice Mail Systems
Computer Telephony Integration
Interfacing alphanumeric LCD x using VB
Registry Editor
Creation of a DMZ
Creation of a sniffer and a port scanner

Library Management System
Hotel Management System
Examination result according to the classes
Granite Business management system
Virtual classroom
Dijkstra algorithm for shortest path
Implementation of BPCS-Steganography
Job portal
Pragmatic general multicast
Log browser
Online matrimonial system
Online health care system
Factory management system

Online bug tracking and customer support system
Online call logging and customer support system
E-Banking transaction system and portal for bank officials and customer
Online book shop management system
Advance vehicle and highway management system
Acturial projection system
Developing port scanning and detection system
Development of simple IP subnet calculator tool
College management system
Library management system
Tax management system
Payroll information system

Medical management system
Vehicles with Intelligent Systems for Transport Automation
Advanced public bus transportation system for India
Automatic Medicine Announcement System
Intelligent Multi-sensor System for Control of Boilers and Furnaces
Dedicated Short range road side communication for vehicles
Accident prevention system for hairpin bend zone
Sequential switching for industrial application
RFID based car parking system
Intelligent Greenhouse
RFID reader enabled mobile with environment alert and mobile tracking
Active Learning Methods for Image Retrieval
Remote Switching Control System for Home Appliances
Real native and persistent layer for Java & .Net

Global Insurance Management System
A Smart System for Remote Monitoring of Patients and SMS Messaging upon Critical Condition
Role Based Access Control
Rich Internet Application Using Flux Frame for Managing Workflow in healthcare domain
Effective Monitoring of Web navigation using Code Check
Customer Support Protocol
Online Employee Time Management System
Insurance Management System
Development of Customer relationship Management System to increase Sales
Intelligent Call Routing & Management using IVR in Asterisk Server
Human Age Estimation
An Intelligent Dictionary Based encoding Algorithm for data compressing for High Speed Transformation Over Internet
Motion Detecting System
Project Management System
Process Monitoring System

Can anyone suggest any such other innovative topics or have sample program done in ASP.NET for these other similar topics ??
I need sample work done to take a look at, pl.

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