How to set-up a simple subversion (SVN) workflow.

I am trying to set-up a simple SVN workflow at home. I am new to subversion (and programming) so I have been reading the official PDF documentations but still not sure about how to set-up my repository.

I am working mainly with python, bash and rsl (Renderman Shading Language)

So I already have a /dev structure on my disk as this:

And I have a /site structure that links to my /dev folder. This is where I create simple sym. links to the work in progress of completed scripts or bits of programs:


Obviously this is a primitive approach that I would like to improve. But first, I would like know the following:

[b]Will I set-up a separate repository for each different programming platform?[/b] and [b]Where exactly I should be placing my repository?[/b]

I am looking for something simple and almost only for me. But also learning new skills as well. SVN seems to be a good solution, and learning it will add to my experience. Only that I am not sure how to start.


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