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Applet Wanted

LengoLengo Posts: 2Member
For Windows XP, Microsoft removed the notification that Daylight Savings Time has started or ended and now only changes the clock. I'd like to have that reminder

back, but I can't find one by searching Google. Would anyone care to try tackle this and create this little applet that runs upon system startup?

I used to program and wrote in C, C++, and Visual Basic. I cant' do this anymore. It's too stressful. I don't have a compiler, and I don't want to learn or relearn a

language library. This applet is pretty simple and pretty small and should be relatively easy for anyone that's already got a compiler. I *think* Java would be the most

suitable, but I'm not sure about this. The program would be run every time at a system start, and most often it would do absolutely nothing. The dates in the following

Pseudo-code is based on 2012. This date is close enough. Here is the pseud-ocode.

Psuedo-code to display popup message that Daylight Savings Time has started or ended (Ran daily as windows startup application)

if ThisAppSettings.cfg contains "False" Then
if month is 11 and day >= 4 and time >= 02:00 and ThisAppsettings.cfg contains "False" then
show popup "Daylight savings time has ended and your computer's time has been adjusted"
delete file ThisAppSettings.cfg
create file ThisAppSettings.cfg with text, "True" ;True means it's been shown
if month is 3 and day >= 11 and time >= 0:200 and ThisAppSettings.txt contains "False" then
show popup "Daylight Savings has started and your computer's time has been adjusted"
delete file ThisAppSettings.cfg
create file ThisAppSettings.cfg with text, "True" ;True means it's been shown
if month != 11 and month != 3 and ThisAppSettings.cfg contains "True" then
delete file ThisAppSettings.cfg
create file ThisAppSettings.cfg with text "False" ;this will be run once



This should be kept small, and the user should not need to have a run-time library.

ThisAppSettings.cfg needs to be shipped in the zip file with the applet. .

ThisAppSettings.cfg is reset outside March and November so that it isn't repeated again and again in these months (when DST starts or ends).

Popup means that a popup window is displayed with an Okay button so that the message does not go away unless the user acknowleges the message.

The applet, most of the time does absolutely nothing. It will only run once in either March or November, and once in April, and once in December. The entire concept

assumes that the user runs his computer almost daily.

I'd like to have this feature back because I don't watch TV so I don't get reminded. Because I don't get this reminder, I have missed appointments.

Of course, I haven't tested this so I'm not sure about my logic, but I *think* the logic is right. I think creation and testing would only take about 4 hours for someone

who is already familiar with Java's or C's library functions.

Would anyone care to try writing this? I'm old and disabled and don't want to bother writing it myself. What I'd have to learn or relearn in order to make this far

outweighs what this little app accomplishes. I've looked for another like it, but can't find one, and while looking for one I've discovered that others would like to have this

feature back for Win Xp. If you'd like to give this a go, please holler.

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