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fitflops sale uk

youshihouyoushihou Posts: 1Member
It is by the non-toxic natural rubber and plastic avirulent environmental protection and massage ofbuttocks acupoint fitflop freeway pointlike layer, emulsion massage grain, magnetic therapy particles and the BianShi physical therapy form, its point massage pointlike layer and creamy massage particles and magnetic therapy star, like a massage fingers, in constant, comprehensive to massage the sole meridians, and can rise to adjust the Yin and Yang, to reconcile blood, regulate visceral functions, foster, clear the meridians, mind and pure and fresh role;The BianShi physical therapy of unique effect, and can in a few minutes the curative effect of the whole role peculiar pass, let a person without disease prevention, cure sick. As is known to all, foot massage body-building therapy with its unique health care effect, obtained the world wide attention and attention. This practical new type is a kind of drug therapy, and self therapy. It is through the physical function, to people the adjustment of the function to the body the purpose of preventing and treating illnesses. And tactics massage therapy also can do it: a method, according to law, choke method, the method, push method, knead method, and method, the method of wave therapy effect;When put into inside the shoe wears, that will produce the method, according to the method and effect of law;When force stamp foot, foot will immediately feel pinched method, and method and push roles of law;(equipment investment but can small, the) such as entrust other factory processing components or materials for assembly production, need to invest in fewer production equipment can be production. 6. The cost of materials: ordinary 5 yuan/double, intermediate 6 yuan/double;High-grade cost $6 / double;7. The factory price: low 5.50 yuan/double;Intermediate 9.5 yuan/double;High-grade ex-works 13 yuan/double;8. The market price: ordinary 8 no/double;Intermediate 16 yuan/double;High-grade 22 yuan/double;2, the cup is light weight, do not take a place, easy to carry, is not easy to a cup of combination, is not easy to spread disease, very health, and use extremely convenient, very practical. Three, the forecast of economic benefit: the economic benefit analysis: 1, the factory conditions: must have existing plant and liquidity and hydropower facilities;2, the production workshop: 300 square meters (including office and warehouse);3, turnover funds: 60-1 million yuan;4, production workers: 38 (name cover supply and marketing personnel);5, equipment investment: 30-600000 yuan; fitflop sling grey Such as entrust other factory processing components or materials for assembly production, need to invest in fewer production equipment can be production. 6, the cost of materials: ordinary 1 yuan /;Intermediate 1.5 yuan /;High-grade cost $4 / a. 7, the factory price: ordinary 1.8 yuan /;Intermediate 5.5 yuan /;High-grade ex-works 10 yuan of/a. 8, market price: ordinary 3 yuan /;Intermediate 9.5 yuan /;2, the production workshop: 360 square meters (including office and warehouse);3, turnover funds: 100-2 million yuan;4, production workers: 100 (including supply and marketing personnel);5, the equipment investment is: 100-1.5 million yuan;Such as entrust other factory processing components, or to material assembly production, need to invest in fewer production equipment can be production. 6, the cost of materials: ordinary 200 dollars/a;Intermediate 300 yuanAt present, the male known pot pan, electric cooker is single function, in addition to pot soup and cooking outside, no other function, fitflop sling sport nubuck grey can't needed to food and soup feeds and rice for magnetic, not to the body to health care function, can have a meal is hungry, eat satisfied not hungry even if a hungry after the dinner, the method can be used to prevent food hungry, can't make food produce magnetized health care function.
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