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Creating a counter in matlab.

DgraymanDgrayman Posts: 4Member
Hello. what im trying to do is create a random walk simulation 1000 times where i am tracking the movement of an object in 48 steps. i figured out what i need to do, but the last thing im trying to do is to count how many times the walk ends at a number where y>12. So for example if the walk ends at y=13, it adds 1 to the counter, but if it ends on y=8, it will not add 1 to the counter.
The reason im doing this is so i can find a percentage of how many times the object ends at y>12 which i want to do by finding 'number of times object went over twelve divided by 1000
(ans=counter/1000). heres my code:

>> %n= # of fungus sources
>> %t= # of time steps (inch)
>> %N= # of simulation runs
>> %alfa= random variables for angle
>> %d= random variable for distance
>> %M1= x coordinate of a point
>> %M2= y coordinate at a point
>> %maxy= max y value at each step
>> %count= counter that stores # of times maxy is > 12 inches
>> n=1;
>> t=48;
>> N=1000;
>> count=0;
>> for n=1:N;
for i=1:t;
if m2(i+1,1:n)<0;

>> if maxy>12
>> ans=count/N

ans =

Looking at my workspace i see there are times when y>12 but my counter is not recording it, so i keep getting an answer of 0. Any suggestions on how to get my counter working? Much appreciated.


  • giuggiug Posts: 217Member
    You have to index maxy, something like this:
    then out of the for loop
    finds the positions of the elements >12
    finds the values of the elements >12
  • DgraymanDgrayman Posts: 4Member
    as soon as i replace the line to 'maxy(n)=max(maxy(n-1),m2(i+1,1:n))' it gives me this error:'??? Attempted to access maxy(0); index
    must be a positive integer or logical.'
  • giuggiug Posts: 217Member
    Yes, you have to shift the indices. Because when n=1, n-1=0 and maxy(0) doesn't exist.
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