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Confusion with using scanner to read a file over multiple functions

Hi all,

I have a java assignment that I can't seem to wrap my mind around. There is one part right now that I'm struggling with.

The instuctions ask for 2 functions + main , one that will take a string and when called and will open the string as a file if it exists. I should catch the FilNotFoundException and print the message inside this function.Just to make it clearer...

public void openSF(String file){...}

Inside main function I should call the 2nd function in a loop to read each line of the file. The 2nd function will take a string again as a parameter which will be the file name.

public int readAndprocess(String fileName) {...}

I got the openSF function to open the file but inside main I need to somehow loop calling readAndprocess function multiple times. I thought, ok no problem I'll do the following loop...

Scanner scanner = new Scanner("Input.txt");


For testing purposes I just want the 2nd function to output the next line of the file to the screen so I know whats going on, like this..

public void readAndprocess(String file) {
Scanner lineScanner = new Scanner(file);
String lineText =;
System.out.println (lineText);

I currently just get Input.txt spamming forever.
Perhaps I'm missing something with scanners or maybe there is another option. Any help would be appreciated.
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