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D3D11 Error - Out of Memory

KingdingelingKingdingeling Member Posts: 2
Hi all.

I've got a serious Problem with DX11 playing Battlefield 3.
As there seems to be no one who can actually provide a solution i am trustfully addressing my problem to some specialist as i think you are.

My System Configuration:

Software (related to Graphics):
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
DX11 Latest Version
NVIDIA 290.36 Beta Driver
Lucid Virtu Software

Core i5 2500k
Mainboard GA-z68xp-ud3p
Gainward GTX570 Phantom 1280mb
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1866 Mhz

The error occuring after about 15 Minutes of Gameplay is the following:

[b]DirectX function "device->CreateTexture2D( &texDesc,desc.subResourceCount !=0? reinterpret_cast(desc.subResourceData):0,&textur e->m_texture2d)" failed with E_OUTOFMEMORY: Ran out of memory. ........................... Make sure you have a supported graphics card with at least 512MB"[/b]

I on the edge of despair as i tried all the common things to fix this:
- Driver Update from 285.62 to 290.36 (Clean Installation)
- DX Update
- bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2500

Any kind of helping comments are appreciated.

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