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How do I know what kind of motherboard does my laptop need?

I've been told that my laptop's motherboard needs replacing. I can't open my laptop since it crashed because of the said motherboard. So how do I know what kind of motherboard does it need?


  • jevsteralijajevsteralija Posts: 1Member
    Replacing the motherboard on a laptop is not a job for a beginner (no disrespect).
    Take it to a specialist or buy a new laptop.
    Replacing a motherboard on a desktop PC is pretty straighforward - but a laptop is so much more difficult because of the way laptops are constructed.
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  • ervinervin brewtonPosts: 5Member

    you can use a program called cpu-z. it will tell you about all of the hardware on your machine. but i agree that you should get a professional to replace it. If you use this for a laptop, it should be so you have an idea of what the parts cost.

  • seohawksseohawks USAPosts: 3Member

    cpu-z is good tool I many time use it.


  • CarolineeeCarolineee WRPosts: 2Member
    edited March 23

    exactly, take your laptop to computer specialist, he will fix this problem without hesitation :)

    Greeting, Caroline

  • seohawksseohawks USAPosts: 3Member

    I think this easy way :smiley:


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