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Why MSComm.InBufferCount comparison affectS MSComm.Input content?

case4044case4044 Posts: 4Member
Programming Language = Visual Basic 6 (SP6a)
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My intention is to compare if the MSComm1.InBufferCount is larger than a specified number, then assign the ENTIRE ORIGINAL MSComm1.Input to InputBytes.

My Sample Codes:-
Dim InputBytes() As Byte
Dim iCheckNumber As Interger

Do While MSComm1.PortOpen
If MSComm1.InBufferCount >= iCheckNumber Then 'expect structure length
InputBytes = MSComm1.Input ' In coming data from serial port
Exit Do ' Exit loop
End If

My Finding:-
If iCheckNumber = 50 ; InputBytes = ` 00000000066090083628147 000000416902588
If iCheckNumber = 75 ; InputBytes = ` 00000000066090080911987 000000416903588734702681597949121544

My Question:-
I would like to know whether my findings is true? Is there any better way to achieve the result I wish.

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