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linked list node removal

RondaneRondane Posts: 4Member
Hi all, I created a circular linked list (see the below code)from which I managed to skip the specified node(named 'candidate' in the code) and get the required solution, however I couldn't delete it using the 'free' procedure,requesting to delete the allocated memory, although it's only a copy of the pointer I work on.Can you please suggest a solution?It's much appreciated, thanks.
//The below code is a suggested solution for Josephus problem

typedef struct singleNode *nodePtr ;
struct singleNode
short int val ;
nodePtr next ;

short int listLength(nodePtr);
void printCList(nodePtr);

void main(){
nodePtr member, Head, tmp=NULL, candidate=NULL;
short int len=0,i,ind,j, LIST_SIZE=0,survivors;
printf("Please define the list size,integer>=1
for (i=1;i<=LIST_SIZE;i++){ // Building a regular linked list
member = (nodePtr) malloc(sizeof(struct singleNode)) ;
member->val = i ;
member->next = NULL ;
if ( i == 1 ){
tmp = member ;
Head = member ;
tmp->next = member;
tmp = tmp->next ;
member->next = Head; // Turning the list into cirular one
tmp = Head;

The linked list: ");
printf("Please enter the 'Every which location' and the number of survivors:m k
scanf("%d %d", &ind, &survivors);
printf("(m=%d,k=%d)",ind, survivors);
for (j=1;listLength(tmp)>=survivors;tmp=tmp->next,j++){
if (! (j%(ind-1)) ){

//skipping every m'th location
//free(candidate); // ---> doesn't work
if (listLength(tmp)==survivors){

The %3d survivors are located at places:
", survivors);
void printCList(nodePtr temp){ // printing a circular linked list
nodePtr head=temp;
printf("%2d ",head->val);
printf("%2d ",temp->val);
temp = temp->next;

short int listLength(nodePtr pivot){
short int k;
nodePtr ptr;
for (ptr=pivot,k=1;ptr->next!=pivot;ptr=ptr->next,++k);
return k;

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