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arithmetic expression: help me please!

hello. im new here.
i have a problem.
i cant get the exactly output for my code.
i should get this as my output:

Before Exchange:
Result for Expression 1 (X): -146

i got this:
Before Exchange:
Result for Expression 1 (X): -6



b DWORD 26
see SDWORD -6 ; see == c
y DWORD 23
ex1 SDWORD 0
ex1a SDWORD 0
ex2 SDWORD 0
resultX SDWORD 0
resultZ SDWORD 0
str1 BYTE "Before exchange: ", 0
str2 BYTE "Result for expression 1 (X): ",0
str3 BYTE "Result for expression 2 (Y): ",0
str4 BYTE "After exchange: ", 0
str5 BYTE "Result for X: ",0
str6 BYTE "Result for Y: ",0

main PROC

;int 3
mov edx,OFFSET str1
call WriteString
call Crlf

mov edx,OFFSET str2
call writeString

; Expression 1: X = [(a) + (b*c)]-[(y+1)/ (-a)]
; bracket 1

mov eax, b ; eax = 0
imul see ; eax = 26d ; 1Ah
mov ebx, a ; eax = fffffff64h ;-156d
add ebx, eax ; ebx = 4h ; ebx = ffffff68h (jawapan ;bracket 1=ebx)

mov ecx, y ; ex1a = ffffff68h ; -152d
inc ecx ; ecx = 17h ; 23d
neg a ; ecx = 18h ; 24d
idiv ecx ; a = -4h ;-4d
;mov edx, ecx ; ecx = fffffffAh ; -6d
sub ecx, ebx ; edx = fffffffAh ;-6d(jawapan bracket 2=edx)
mov ex1, ecx ;ebx = (-152-(-6)) = -146d ;ffffff6Eh

;mov ebx, ex1
call WriteInt
;mov ex1, eax
call Crlf
call WaitMsg
main ENDP
END main
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