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HELP!!! Can anyone write this for me!?!?

6410103064101030 Posts: 2Member
This is for a liberal arts class i am taking and i have no clue how to do it..its a make or break type of situation, any ideas/suggestions. i am NOT a programmer.

Create a page containing five image tags, two buttons, a


  • sunlotussunlotus Posts: 55Member
    edited January 4

    `< html >
    < head >
    < /head >
    < body >



    [your select tag]

    < /body >
    < /html >`

    THis is an example. html, head, body are mandatory in any page. You can put the webpage elements(images, buttons, select tags,...) anywhere in the page, but to remain between the body tags. Every tag has a closing tag. Example:<html> -open tag, </html>-closing tag Image tag does not need ending tag < / img >

    Here are examples which you can edit and test online for each element you have to add to your page(click these links):

    select tag


    (if the image and your webpage, mywebpage.html are in the same folder/directory, you write display the image like this:
    <img src="my_image.jpg">;
    if the image in in another file, other than where the page is, you type the link to the image:
    <img src="project/my first page/images/my_image.jpg">: in this case, the image is in project/my first page/images/)

    HTML is a markup language, not a programming language. A programming language is functional. A markup language only displays something in a desired way.

    My friend who studied communications and public relation had to do 2 projects(1 in the 1st year, one in the 2nd) that were 2 simple webpages: only HTML, nothing functional inside.

    I suppose you guys, who are not in programming schools(programmers also study web design not only programming), learn these because if the company where you work has less profit one day, and cannot hire someone to make/edit their webpage, they ask their employees to make a simpler webpage but this way the company will still appear online, for advertising. If no advertise, no customers.

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