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Batch rename- string replace in file name

jacDaRippajacDaRippa Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone,

I want to rename files but in doing so, i want to be able to replace matching text with another.
So only the text specified gets changed. I wish to do it in batch, more than one file at a time.

Currently i have the following (hope i outline it clear enough)

The file names i wish to to change are:

The desired result i want is
A1 - 12345_iuiu.TXT
A1 - 12365_opop.TXT

The code i have so far, it does kind of what i want, it replaces the A3 with A1 and puts the spaces but i want to replace the "A3-" with "A1 - "
REN D:Program FilesA3-*.TXT "A1 - *.TXT"

The result i get is:
A1 - 345_iuiu.TXT
A1 - 365_opop.TXT

It removes the first 2 charactoers of the numbers, this is because it does a straight rename (replacing the 3 charcaters i specifed with the 5 new characters), is there are way to replace 3 characters with 5 and not lose any of the text?

Thanks in advance,

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