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Using Visual Basic within excel for iteration of f(x)

elwarsielwarsi Member Posts: 2
Hi there hoping someone can give me some pointers, as sadly my teacher gave us very little to go on, never used developer VBA within excel before last week.
I have been instructed to enable developer on excel, click on VBA, click insert , 'module', which pops up a window, enter a function into the window... 'type in' ........
function g(x)[enter], 'then type in' g = 'some equation of x' [enter]
then goto excel make a header of
x(n) g(n) error
='some value of x' =g(x)
=B3 =g(A4) =ABS(A4-A3)

My problem is that I constantly get crashes, and loose data where the excel states NAME PROBLEM, Ive tried to get a beginers guide on web no job, just ordered some books to help...

for now can anone tell me is there a way to declare a formula and relate it to a cell within excel, thereby avoiding using 'rem or ' ' at the beginng of a line.. I found the following code...
Set myRange = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:C10")
and wondered is this the key to my quest.
please can someone tell me how could I do this if what I require is possible..

The main use I need for the formula, is to reuse the formula on a variety of iterations of f(x).
Id like to create 3 versions of x for each f(x), and have the 3 calculations on the same page..
many thanks
Elwarsi :-)

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