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Render targets don't work... ...just one pass

(Visual C++ 2010, DirectX)

Hi there,

I ran into problems in my new project where I want to apply a gaussian blur shader. I've already done it before and it worked perfectly, so I just pretty much copied/pasted it, but it doesn't work, but in a very strange way...

It is simple - shader "white" takes care of classic 3d space transformations and lighting, "blurh" blurs image horizontally and "blurv" blurs it vertically, so I just want to
1) render 3D scene to a viewport-sized texture,
2) render this texture to a quad and blur it horizontally,
3) blur this texture to a quad and blur it vertically.

I am assigning trender target to the device by calling Dev->SetRenderTarget(0,surface) and I am properly setting the chain of textures. But even if I am in step 3 assigning texture of the quad to the texture in which I rendered in step 2, it seems like it always sets itself to the texture in which I was rendering in step 1 (the result is same if I paste there t0.tex or t1.tex). I have compared this code to the code of project where it is working. It does exactly the same thing, aet it doesn't assign the texture correctly.

If I comment out the rendering in step two, framerate incereses rapidly, so it actually is rendering somewhere. I tried switching textures or shaders, few different ways - it stills ignore everything in the second step. I don't have a clue, what is causing it. There's no logic in it, every texture or its surface looks right - and if it didn't, it would call an error and not set some other random texture. I even debugged the textures, they have different pointers, so they are not the same.

Here is the code (without tranformations settings and rendering):
[code]Dev->SetRenderTarget(0,; // = t0.tex surface level


//rendering mesh...

Dev->SetRenderTarget(0,; // = t1.tex surface level

//rendering screen quad...

Dev->SetRenderTarget(0,backbuf); //backbuf = back buffer surface


Could you please take a look at it and tell me, what could be wrong? I am done with ideas here... :( And sorry for my English, if it is too crappy...
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