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getting an integer to return from a method

Hi, I'm very much a newbie on java and trying to get a return value on an integer. A note: this is in the context of android dev so I can't give particular error messages that come up. I can get it to work with strings just fine, i.e.
public String getTest() {
return "Test";
(and called by)
String strTest = getTest();

This, does not work.
public int getIntTest() {
return 0;
(and called by)
int iTest = getIntTest();

is there a separate method for getting integers returned than there is for strings?
Thanks for the help.


  • erikjwagnererikjwagner Member Posts: 2
    Oy. The problem was not with how I was writing/assigning it but rather with how I was checking the value; I needed to cast the integer to a string and was not doing so.
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