Need advice/suggetsions

I am looking to take classes at an community college to pursue a diploma in either

1: Web Development, which I feel I will enjoy. Other than a class that I took while pursuing my AA in Information Systems that focused on HTML/DHTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript, I've dabbled around a little in my freetime.

2: Programming, which I've also dabbled a bit with. The languages were Python, Java, and VB 2010. I've created very very small programs in each language and I enjoyed that I got things to work as planed and expected. My options for this program are: .NET and JAVA, middleware, scripts and servlets, data structures etc...

I would like to kno which route would better position me to grasp the concept/s of the other (Web Development or Programming) later on down the road because I want to be well vearsed. I know this is all programming here, but I would prefer to approach the route that will help me make better sense of the other.

I see Web Dev as being not as tough as computer programming. Hope I dont sound dumb here or confusing.

Any advice/feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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