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Help me choose a school??

Hi Guys,

So I've decide to become a developer, hoping to develop software as well as mobile applications. I got recently accepted to three colleges but since i have a very little knowledge in C++ I am not sure what college offers the best program. Please provide me some feedback to what program is the best and why.

[b]College 1[/b]

INFO 16029 Problem Solving/Programming Logic 3
SYST 13416 Linux/Unix Operating Systems 3
MATH 10001 Mathematics for Computing 3
PROG 10082 Object Oriented Programming - Java 6
SCIE 16048 Technology: Apocalypse or Eden? 3

Total: 18

SYST 16529 Introduction to Business Systems Software 3
SYST 28043 Web Technologies 3
TELE 13167 Data Communications - Local Area Networks 3
PROG 24178 Object Oriented Programming 2 - Java 6
ELECTIVE Cross College General Education 3

Total: 18

SYST 28515 Systems Analysis and Design 3
TELE 33324 Data Network Design and Configuration - Routers and Switches 3
DBAS 27198 Database Design and Implementation 4
COMM 16165 Technical Reports and Presentations 3
PROG 38081 Java and XML Programming 6
SYST 28296 Linux/Unix Admin 3

Total: 21

PROG 11044 Advanced Internet Applications - Web Services 3
DBAS 32100 RDMS Application Development 3
PROG 34998 .net Technology and C# Programming 6
SYST 39409 Object Oriented Methodologies - UML 3
INFO 20172 IT Project Management Using PMP 3
SYST 35288 Mobile Web-based Applications 3
ELECTIVE Cross College General Education 3

Total: 24

[b]College 2[/b]

Semester 1 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
APC100 Applied Professional Communications 3
EAC150 College English 3
ICA002 Introduction to Computers and Applications 2
IOS110 Introduction to Operating Systems Using Windows 5
IPC144 Introduction to Programming Using C 5
ULI101 Introduction to UNIX/Linux and the Internet 5

Semester 2 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
DBS201 Introduction to Database Design and SQL 4
IBC233 iSeries Business Computing 4
INT222 Internet I - Internet Fundamentals 4
OOP244 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 4
XXXXXX General Education Option 3

Semester 3 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
DBS301 Database Design II and SQL Using Oracle 4
INT322 Internet II - Web Programming on UNIX 4
SYS366 Requirements Gathering Using OO Models 4
XXXXXX General Education Option 3
And choose one of:
BAC344 Business Applications Using COBOL 4
OOP344 Object Oriented Programming II Using C++ 4

Semester 4 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
DCN455 Data Communications Networks 4
EAC397 Business Report Writing 3
JAC444 Introduction to Java for C++ Programmers 4
XXXXXX General Education Option 3
XXXXXX Professional Option 4

[b]College 3
Semester 1 (22 hours/week)
Course Code Course Credits

COMM 213 Technical Communications 1 3
CPAN 110 Critical Thinking and IT Concepts 4
CPAN 140 Object-Oriented Programming using Java 4
CPAN 150 Numeric Computing 4
CPAN 210 Operating Systems 3
CPAN 240 Web Programming and Design 4

Semester 2 (21 hours/week)
Course Code Course Credits

COMM 313 Technical Communications 2 3
CPAN 222 Java Application Development 4
CPAN 260 Relational Database Design and SQL 4
GNED 000 General Education Elective 3
HUMA 024 Humanities: An Introduction to Arts and Science 3

Semester 3 (23 hours/week)
Course Code Course Credits

CPAN 313 Mobile Programming 4
CPAN 315 Database Administration 4
CPAN 330 XML 3
CPAN 331 Requirements Analysis and Process Modelling 4
CPAN 332 Open Source Programming 4
CPAN 430 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 4

Semester 4 (24 hours/week)
Course Code Course Credits

CPAN 311 Design Patterns and Software Testing 4
CPAN 410 Project Management 4
CPAN 440 Distributed Computing using Java 4
CPAN 490 IT Management 3
GNED 000 General Education Elective 3
WORK 110 Career Connections 2
Thank you in advance for your advice![/b]
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