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Early C++Builder Requires XP Mode for 64Bit Win7

HearaoiHearaoi Member Posts: 1
My 2003 era program runs fine on Win7-Pro-64Bit under XP Mode, and on Win7 32Bit if Administrator installed.
The program, among other functions, does:
*Display RTF files.
*Displays & Builds Paradox Data Base files.
Something in Win7Pro has caused the program to be unusable on 64-bit PCs unless run under XP Mode. Is there a new library routine, for RTF files or for Paradox DB, that might lift the restriction?
(I ask because during development, I had to switch to an earlier RTF handler -- (for a reason I forget: either the transition from Win98 to XP or to a change in XP itself).
Early C++Builder Requires XP Mode for 64Bit Win7
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