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[HELP] Aglet examples.http.WebServerAglet not responding

scy_sasukescy_sasuke Member Posts: 4
I try to create aglet WebServerAglet in tahiti server aglet 2.5-alpha.
this aglet is example from package from

it works to create,but when i try to acces it via browser(i use mozilla firefox) in http://scy-pc:8000/aglets2.5-alpha/public/examples/http/index.html it doesn't happen anything.
- scy-pc:8000 = host my tahiti and 8000 is port to acces it
- aglets2.5-alpha/public = directory example aglet
- http = properti from WebServerAglet

actually, in browser should be some text.

an error in tahiti console like this :

[b] Unknown Content-Type:null

Can anyone know this problem?
thankyu very much
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