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herikherik Posts: 3Member
can someone help me?
I need a header Bios.h of C.


  • AsmGuru62AsmGuru62 Posts: 6,519Member
    /* bios.h

    Access to bios services.

    Copyright (c) 1987, 1991 by Borland International
    All Rights Reserved.

    #if !defined(__BIOS_H)
    #define __BIOS_H

    #if !defined(__DEFS_H)
    #include <_defs.h>

    /* diskinfo_t structure for _bios_disk() */

    struct diskinfo_t {
    unsigned drive, head, track, sector, nsectors;
    void far *buffer;

    /* cmd values for _bios_disk() */

    #define _DISK_RESET 0 /* controller hard reset */
    #define _DISK_STATUS 1 /* status of last operation */
    #define _DISK_READ 2 /* read sectors */
    #define _DISK_WRITE 3 /* write sectors */
    #define _DISK_VERIFY 4 /* verify sectors */
    #define _DISK_FORMAT 5 /* format track */

    /* cmd values for _bios_keybrd() */

    #define _KEYBRD_READ 0 /* read key */
    #define _NKEYBRD_READ 0x10 /* read key - enhanced */
    #define _KEYBRD_READY 1 /* check key ready */
    #define _NKEYBRD_READY 0x11 /* check key ready - enhanced */
    #define _KEYBRD_SHIFTSTATUS 2 /* get shift status */
    #define _NKEYBRD_SHIFTSTATUS 0x12 /* get shift status - enhanced */

    /* cmd values for _bios_printer() */

    #define _PRINTER_WRITE 0 /* send a byte to printer */
    #define _PRINTER_INIT 1 /* initialize printer */
    #define _PRINTER_STATUS 2 /* read printer status */

    /* cmd values for _bios_serialcom() */

    #define _COM_INIT 0 /* set communication parms to a byte */
    #define _COM_SEND 1 /* send a byte to port */
    #define _COM_RECEIVE 2 /* read character from port */
    #define _COM_STATUS 3 /* get status of port */

    /* byte values for _COM_INIT cmd of _bios_serialcom() */

    #define _COM_CHR7 0x02 /* 7 data bits */
    #define _COM_CHR8 0x03 /* 8 data bits */
    #define _COM_STOP1 0x00 /* 1 stop bit */
    #define _COM_STOP2 0x04 /* 2 stop bits */
    #define _COM_NOPARITY 0x00 /* no parity */
    #define _COM_EVENPARITY 0x18 /* even parity */
    #define _COM_ODDPARITY 0x08 /* odd parity */
    #define _COM_110 0x00 /* 110 baud */
    #define _COM_150 0x20 /* 150 baud */
    #define _COM_300 0x40 /* 300 baud */
    #define _COM_600 0x60 /* 600 baud */
    #define _COM_1200 0x80 /* 1200 baud */
    #define _COM_2400 0xa0 /* 2400 baud */
    #define _COM_4800 0xc0 /* 4800 baud */
    #define _COM_9600 0xe0 /* 9600 baud */

    /* cmd values for _bios_timeofday() */

    #define _TIME_GETCLOCK 0 /* get clock count */
    #define _TIME_SETCLOCK 1 /* set clock count */

    /* register structure definitions for int86(), int86x() */

    #ifndef _REG_DEFS
    #define _REG_DEFS

    struct WORDREGS {
    unsigned int ax, bx, cx, dx, si, di, cflag, flags;

    struct BYTEREGS {
    unsigned char al, ah, bl, bh, cl, ch, dl, dh;

    union REGS {
    struct WORDREGS x;
    struct BYTEREGS h;

    struct SREGS {
    unsigned int es;
    unsigned int cs;
    unsigned int ss;
    unsigned int ds;

    struct REGPACK {
    unsigned r_ax, r_bx, r_cx, r_dx;
    unsigned r_bp, r_si, r_di, r_ds, r_es, r_flags;

    #endif /* _REG_DEFS */

    #ifdef __cplusplus
    extern "C" {

    /* New MSC-compatible BIOS functions.
    unsigned _Cdecl _bios_equiplist(void);
    unsigned _Cdecl _bios_disk(unsigned __cmd, struct diskinfo_t *__dinfo);
    unsigned _Cdecl _bios_keybrd(unsigned __cmd);
    unsigned _Cdecl _bios_memsize(void);
    unsigned _Cdecl _bios_printer(unsigned __cmd, unsigned __port, unsigned __abyte);
    unsigned _Cdecl _bios_serialcom(unsigned __cmd, unsigned __port, unsigned __abyte);
    unsigned _Cdecl _bios_timeofday(unsigned __cmd, long *__timeval);

    /* Old-style BIOS functions.
    int _Cdecl bioscom(int __cmd, char __abyte, int __port);
    int _Cdecl biosdisk(int __cmd, int __drive, int __head, int __track,
    int __sector, int __nsects, void *__buffer);
    int _Cdecl biosequip(void);
    int _Cdecl bioskey(int __cmd);
    int _Cdecl biosmemory(void);
    int _Cdecl biosprint(int __cmd, int __abyte, int __port);
    long _Cdecl biostime(int __cmd, long __newtime);

    /* Miscellaneous prototypes for MSC compatibility
    int _Cdecl int86(int __intno, union REGS *__inregs, union REGS *__outregs);
    int _Cdecl int86x(int __intno, union REGS *__inregs,
    union REGS *__outregs, struct SREGS *__segregs);
    #ifdef __cplusplus

    #endif /* __BIOS_H */
  • herikherik Posts: 3Member
    thank you!!!
  • herikherik Posts: 3Member
    thank you!!!
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