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Who is producing today's best coders?

kcourt10kcourt10 Member Posts: 1
I know this is a loaded question. But I am trying to get a job with a growing software company where I have a loose connection with leadership. I come out of a recruiting background but not in software. (Brief background - I'm 40 and am having to change careers because my career for the past 15 years is not suitable for raising my young family -- been looking for work for about 6 months.) I have been persistent enough that I had a sit-down with the CEO a week ago. He kept asking me, "What can you do for me?"

The company has jobs for some of today's "best programmers" but they don't seem to be effective at locating them. This is not my area of expertise, but I figure a place like this would be a decent place to find leads. I'm simply trying to prove my "worth" to the CEO so he'll give me a chance to get off the unemployment rolls. I know this is probably add odd request but any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated. I know they are very selective in who they hire, wanting "the best of the best".

I am willing to work, follow-up with leads here, but just need some educated responses to get me started. Thanks in advance.


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