Note taker problem?

I've just started studying Java in an alternative tutorial class.

And I just can't seem to get to do this problem set given by our instructor.

Problem: Simple note taker

Create a program that can make simple notes and can save/open these notes. The notes will be files stored inside the program's directory. You may choose an appropriate extension for your notes. The minimum implementation should look like the figure below. You are free to add features (Menus, overwrite/append options, etc).



  • Dear friend,

    at least u try it ur-self first.If u face any problem then u can ask here for help.who will write the whole code for u. In case anybody gives u code then what will u learn from that class assignment.
  • Yes sir I know that. My instructor is using a different kind of approach like assignment first before lecture and I'm trying to figure it out my self but I just can't he didn't even started discussing about GUI. Right now I'm reading about GUI so yeah, I'll try it my self just in case I have problems I'll update this thread. Thanks. :)
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