How to update an edit box control durning run time

I am new to MFC and I am working on this existing project where there is a button and when you click this button another dialog opens that has four different tabs. My job is to save data entered in an edit box on one of the tabs if the send button on the same tab page is clicked and show the saved data when the dialog is opened again. If the send button is not clicked I need to set the edit box data to a default value and show it when the dialog is opened again. I have this working when the user changes between tabs by placing methods in the OnShowWindow(). However, this method is not called when the dialog is closed via the close button or the "x" on dialog. Once the dialog is closed and opened back up it opens the dialog showing the last tab viewed before closing the dialog. With this in mind, I plcae some methods in the close button and in debug the methods are executed correctly but the edit box on the tab is not updated with the correct data when the dialog is opened. Is there any way to do this? Any help will be great!!!


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