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Help For A Beginner

xtremityxtremity Member Posts: 3
Hi all,

I am a beginner in assembly. I prefer masm16. It seems right to choose it for me as a beginner.

I have studied the language basics. Now I am practising by writing some code. I want to write a text editor program running under DOS with basic functions like "Microsoft's Edit".

My problem is about designing the structure. I do not want to lost my limited time in fruitless approaches ,since coding is not easy and quick in assembly.

I have searched for an example in google, yet only I can find worthless pages and examples. I need a basic example that at least shows how to design ui. It does not need to be fully functional. I only want to see the right way, and then i can walk on this way by myself.

Could you please help me at least by links to examples? Even a basic tutorial on this subject is enough for me.

Thanks in advance for your helps.


  • AsmGuru62AsmGuru62 Member Posts: 6,519
    [color=Blue]MASM16 is a dinosaur - FASM is much easier to use.

    How do you imagine a command line text editor? A command line program is a dialog between user and a program in a form of question printed by a program and a user responding with also text command. Is that the program you want?

    There was a such program in 1980's used in MS-DOS and it was working by entering text commands, similar to these:

    This command meant to load file into memory named "MYFILE.TXT"

    P 23
    Show a page of text from file starting from line #23

    R24 C7 R4 I'WAR'

    This was more complex and meant:
    At row #24 and column #7 remove 4 characters and insert text "WAR"

    The editor would perform these commands and then show that same page
    back to the user. Command S would save the edited file or you can
    simply exit the editor and if anything was modified it would ask to save these and you just say Y on exit.

    I must admit - it was pain to use, but people used it to write
    some better editors.

    Do you really want to write a command line editor?
  • xtremityxtremity Member Posts: 3
    Sorry it is my mistake. I mean a text editor like Microsoft's Edit, running under DOS. I have thought command line means that.

    And I tried FASM today, it seems do not need any compiler specific issues like TASM or MASM. This was the reason why I choose MASM16, because I knew it's compiler syntax.

    I' ll give FASM a try.
  • xtremityxtremity Member Posts: 3
    I found this source code at

    Here is the file [link=] [/link]

    It is not a text editor but it even uses scrolling. It will help me on learning, so much.

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