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I need to implement "Pages Per Sheet" option in my Print Dialog

Jinu9Jinu9 Member Posts: 3
Hi Friends,

I need to implement "Pages Per Sheet " option ( The same option as in MS Word Print Dialog ) in Applications Print Dialog . My Application is written in VC++ and MFC .

I searched in the net ,but I am not getting any Information on how to implement .

I would be really grateful,if I can get any inputs on how I can proceed .



  • manucpmanucp Member Posts: 34

    Are you using document/view architecture? if so, you should use OnPrepareDC (see 'Multipage documents' in MSDN).

    If not, you'll have some more work but the way is quite the same:

    you must adjust your viewport for every page.

    Best regards
  • Jinu9Jinu9 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the Inputs Sir...............Yes I am using Doc/View architecture............But my concern is like,when the Print Dialog comes,it should have option like "Pages Per Sheet" just like MS Word Print Dialog......where in I can select the number of pages to be printed in one sheet via Printer ........
  • manucpmanucp Member Posts: 34
    That is a different matter... if you want to add such an option to your print dialog look at 'Customizing the Print Dialog Box' in MSDN
  • manucpmanucp Member Posts: 34
    This post has been deleted.
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