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Grid Control

maxpfcmaxpfc Member Posts: 1
Hi guys,
I'm new to C#, first day noob so forgive me. I'm experimenting and as usual i find that there is no common grid control (non data bound) Sooo... the question is, is there an easy to use C# grid (that actually compiles) out there or do I have to build it myself? On the latter: in win32 I would derive from a CWnd based class but in C# to derive from a panel or what, for the top grid class? So what I'm asking is what kind of inheritance structure are we looking at in a project like this and is there a free alt.
your help and geniusness is much appreciated, also i just joined prog heaven today so if there is an existing thread then link me pls.


  • tecmantecman Member Posts: 1

    What about to use a 3rd-party WinForms grid control like 10Tec .NET DataGrid ( It's lightweight and powerful, but enough cheap. And what is much more important, it can save a lot of time compared to the standard .NET DataGridView!

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