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Create XML file using LINQ to Entities VB.NET

lionblionb Posts: 1,688Member ✭✭
I am tring to create XML file using ASP-VB.NET (Visual Studio 2008/2010)
When I use following code with LINQ to SQL it works perfectly.
[code] Dim xmlContext =
<%= From cm In mData.COUNTIES _
Where cm.STATE_ID = 39 _
Select <Name><%= cm.NAME %> %>
Tried to run it with LINQ to Entities and got Error:
[color=Blue]Only parameterless constructors and initializers are supported in LINQ to Entities.[/color]
I understand that LINQ to Entities takes a different approach than LINQ to SQL in some areas.
I tried to use XML options:
[code]Dim xmlContext = From cm In mData.COUNTIES _
Where cm.STATE_ID = 39 _
Select New XElement("CountiesMunicipalities",
New XAttribute("County", cm.NAME))[/code]
and got the same result
Does somebody know how to use LINQ to Entities to create XML File?


  • lionblionb Posts: 1,688Member ✭✭
    Never mind people. I figured out how to fix it. Need to use ToList(). Here it is code - bold red changes
    [code]Dim xmlContext =
    <%= From cm In [color=Red][b]mData.COUNTIES.ToList [/b][/color]_
    Where cm.STATE_ID = 39 _
    Select <Name><%= cm.NAME %> %>
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