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datagrid view help

sukysuky Posts: 2Member
hi everyone. i just joined.

i have run into a problem while doing a search program. please help me.

i am trying to search a database and return the results in a datagrid view. my webform contains a text box txtsearch and a button btnSearch and a datagrid view grdoutput. the problem is i can not get anything to display. here is the code

[code]Imports System.Data

Partial Class search
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page
Dim myDataTable As New DataTable

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSearch.Click
Dim strSQL As String

strSQL = "select Pin from Credentials where Gpa > " & txtSearch.Text & ""

Dim conConnection As New OleDbConnection
conConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Ole DB Services=-4; Data Source=" & System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory() & "App_Datash.mdb"

Dim myDataAdapter As New OleDbDataAdapter(strSQL, conConnection)

grdoutput.DataSource = myDataTable

End Sub

End Class[/code]

can someone please help?


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