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semy_delavegasemy_delavega Member Posts: 1
can someone help me to build this program????
because i don't understand....

The program started with a form login to check our admin.Jika user and logged in as admin, we can add a user, fill out a user balance, see prices, edit, edit the purchase price and the identity of the user. If we login as a user, we can only add people who debt to us, plus debt, remove people who debet to us, see financial, edit product
? The main menu on the Admin
- Protection
- Control up arrow and down arrow
Menu1 (add user): (maximum 10user only)
- Able to check the inputted user already exists or not
- Input initial balance
- Mobile phone numbers
- There is the password (use star '*')
- Data on direct file updated
Menu2 (look and edit the user):
- Control use the up arrow and down arrow
- Out of all the existing user
- Enter to edit
- Edit name
- Edit mobile phone number (if number already exists, requesting re HandPhone numbers)
- Edit Address
- Edit Password
- Data on direct file updated
Menu3 (delete user)
- Control the up arrow and down arrow
- Data on direct file updated
Menu4 (See product):
- All products
- Show / page Key control n = p = previous next with protection
Menu4 ()
? The main menu on a user:
- There are the usual menu protection
- When logged in as user and it worked, it will be created file "username.ut" and "username.keu" in accordance with a user should. Files. Ut function maintains a list of debts, and files. Keu finance function to a list
- Signs of wear control top & bottom, with a large letter as sign
- There is an existing balance of views on how user
- Every time a transaction (plus debt / erase debt) directly updates Balance
Menu1 (add who debt to us):
- Can check if the name already exists he did not add warnings and exit
- No protection at input the name of which can only be uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces, escape, and backspace
- Can now enter, will ask for a date, phone number and transaction code
- At the time successfully enter it into the file. Ut will immediately update its data
Menu2 (plus debt):
- Can check that the name is inputted in the list of debt or not, if it does not display a warning
- Do not have to wear protection
- If the name of the input is in the list of debts, it will ask the date of the transaction, the mobile phone number and transaction code.
- At the time successfully enter it into the file. Ut will immediately update its data
Menu3 (remove debt):
- Can check the names listed there or not, as in the menus one and two
- After deleting the initial capital will be increased in accordance keutungan obtained. The formula must have been announcing profits?
- Updated directly Balance
- Names that have been deleted can be added again in a single menu
- File. Ut also be directly updated
Menu4 (see list of debt):
- Can view all transactions by all utangers hargajualnya
- Can display the total of the individual - each person's name who mengutang
- Can show the overall totals
Menu5 (see finance):
- Can display the initial capital. Taken from the files. Keu
- The initial capital is always increasing, not possible if less ...
- Can display the capital if all the people who already pay debt
Menu6 (see pricing):
- Menu appears with the price of protection
- Can see all or see only one price only
- At the time show all the prices are not directly, that displays each page.
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