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Setting Up a Project.

tiberiu11tiberiu11 Member Posts: 1
I have a problem setting up OpenGL in a C++ program using Win32. I have a main window that has buttons and checkboxes to control different parameters. After that I want to have two windows that will draw OpenGL code. The two child windows do not reside inside the main window, they are floating, WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW style(but I can make it any other style, it just has to work).

I am unsure how to properly create the two child windows and where to place the drawing code. I also do not know where to place the message loop for both of them.

Basically I press a button inside the main config window and my first window would show. If I press it again, then it should destry that window. Is there an example of something similar on the internet? Can someone help me? Thanks.
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