Secure internet transactions from an application


I have a very vague question here as Ive never done anything like this before (ive done a lot of application programming but nothing internet related). So if anyone can point me in the right direction of other forums / threads / resources i would be very grateful.

I know how to do some basic net stuff with Win32, such as OpenInternet and OpenInternetUrl (off hand i think those are the names), but what i want to do is download content from within my application on my own server, but somehow not allowing anyone else to download that content. so it not only needs to be a secure transaction, it also needs to be not be visible publically on the server.

I guess theres 2 parts of this, the application side (which i guess is covered by the windows api side) but also I have no ideas on how you would set this up from a server point of view. Is this just a matter of getting some webspace with https and putting a file on it? or is it much more complex than that?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.


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