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zip the file

reposrepos Member Posts: 1
I try to use this script to zip the file and once it done
delete the target file

From this script i can generate the list of the file need to zip
when i try to pass the file name one by one and try to zip i get an error

this is my script

set LOCAL_DIR=C: emp1
if %COMPRESS% equ 1 (
echo %time% - Compressing Data Pump Files >> %SLOG% 2>&1
dir %LOCAL_DIR%%DUMPFILE%*.* /b > %LOCAL_DIR%dir.lst
set DIR_LIST=%LOCAL_DIR%dir.lst

echo Compressing: %%A
rar.exe a %LOCAL_DIR%%%A
if %ERRORLEVEL% neq 0 (echo %time% - *** COMPRESS ERROR *** >> %SLOG% 2>&1)
if exist (del %LOCAL_DIR%%%A /q)


I get the error in Fo loop

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