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Database and real time data

wrmikwenwrmikwen Member Posts: 21

We have been looking for a real time data integration program.
We have not found the right software yet.

Basically we'll be using the tool for the migration of contacts and data in real time.

Thanks for your help!


  • xgkalbentexgkalbente Member Posts: 19
    You can look at several real time solutions to transfer contacts and data. It just depends on the type of software you would like to use. You could be using a standard data integration solution.

    Talend Integration Suite is a data integration program able to help you. It can help on other tasks and domains.

  • xgkalbentexgkalbente Member Posts: 19
    Some solutions exist to migrate data and contacts you can look at. It all depends on the type of software you would like to use.

    You can work with proprietary software, expensive compared to other solutions like open source. Look into software like Informatica for example or [link=]Talend[/link] Open Studio, which is an open source program.
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