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linker error: unresolve external

ttranttran Member Posts: 2

I was compiling a project, and this project has a unit called Gamespaceframe, the header file was as follow:

#include "Advdgrid.hpp"

and the .cpp was as follow:

#Pragma link "Advdgrid"

When I recompiled this project, I got this linker error:

Linker error: Unresolved external '__Fastcall_Advgrid::TAdvstringGrid::AutosizeCol(const int, const int) referenced from C:MHSSGamespaceframe.OBJ.

Any help or comment is appreciated,

Thanks in advance,




  • SkyterrorSkyterror Member Posts: 16
    From your message, i notice this:
    __Fastcall_Advgrid::TAdvstringGrid::AutosizeCol(const int, const int) referenced from C:MHSSGamespaceframe.OBJ

    is the __Fastcall use 'F' instead 'f'?? because we know that C++ is case sensitive and different character cause different interpretation of compiler. C++ Builder use __fastcall not __Fastcall.

    next, i notice that the __Fastcall and _Advgrid is linked as a word. If it is, then compiler will consider it as one symbol. Maybe you can give a space between them.

    Hope it help you
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