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Sound in real time in VC++

NillusNillus Member Posts: 2
Hi to all, I am new.

I am Nillus, and write from Italy. This is my first post so be patient please! I use Visual Studio 6 in WinXP Home SP2.

Looking for what I need, I saw a thread in here,, that is about sound in C++. It was interesting, but not enough clarifying my case.

In short, I need to trigger an event whenever the sound input coming from an audio source, in my case a microphone, passes above a limit threshold. The fact is that I need this to be done almost continuously, and in real time, so I cannot record and then analyze a wav audio. I need to access the raw samples data (even downsampled if necessary) incoming from the source, the very bits of the samples I mean, so I can compare them to my threshold and call a function.

I ask you if you could support me any help or suggestion. I tried to use waveIn function, but I couldn't get access to the values of the samples...

I apologize if i disturb you. I'd be grateful for any help, this is an important thing.

Thanks in advance
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