Talking with HID.DLL and using USB Functions


What i have to do now, is to write down some DLL in C, (or an EXE program for the beginning) which would interact with HID.DLL, and access some of its functions and recognize the USB device.

I have already assembled the device, loaded firmware in USB PIC18F4550 chip..and got it working with some example C# application.

But now, i want to write just a windows32 C program, which would use this device, the device is Human Interface Device.

Well, i could find some fragments of the example in internet. And right now i have some C code, which gets the device GUID... everything else i try to do, for some reason it gives me linker errors...

I never done WIN32 programming alot... and i wonder how come there not be many examples regarding this often used field...

[b]So, does anyone know some links to some webpages with tutorials/examples on how to write simple C program which would talk with HID.DLL file?[/b]

or if someone is familiar with this stuff, let me know and i post my code so that u could show me what wrong am i doing.. since it compiles without errors..

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