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invert bit programme in c++ coding

Write a program that inverts n bits from the given position p of 8 bit representation of an input character x. Method invertBit takes 3 parameters x (the 8 bit input character), p as position where to start the inverting operation and n as the number of bits which needs to be inverted. Finally, you have to return the resultant characters after inverting the bits.

unsigned char x = J
int p = 3
int n = 5
New character = t

Bit Representation of 'J' = 01001010, after inverting the bit from 3 to 5 positions the bit representation is 01110100. The character for the new bit is 't'. Hence 't' is the output

Example 2
unsigned char x = *
int p = 5
int n = 2
New character = &


  • helperyadav1helperyadav1 Member Posts: 4
    Is it your home work which you want us to complete?
  • helperyadav1helperyadav1 Member Posts: 4
    Is it your home work which you want us to complete?
  • AsmGuru62AsmGuru62 Member Posts: 6,519
    [color=Blue]Bits are inverted with XOR operation. In C (or C++) this operator looks like this character => ^:[/color]
    int value = 0x6B9A;
    int mask = 0xFFFF;

    value ^= mask;
    // This ^^^ will invert ALL bits in value. If mask has a bit=1, then
    // corresponding bit in value will be inverted after XOR operation.
    // If bit in mask=0, then this bit will be not inverted, but left
    // alone.
    [color=Blue]All you need to do is build a mask of bits, at positions, where inversion is required. For example, if you need to invert 4 bits and position is 3 - this is your mask in binary:

    0000 0000 0111 1000

    You see here 3 zeroes at the left - it is a position. After this you see 4 bits set to 1.

    But how to build the mask dynamically for all cases? Simple, you need to use OR operation (in C it is: | ) to set bits and LEFT SHIFT operation (in C it is: << ) to move the mask left by position p.

    The algorithm to make a mask looks like that:
    mask = 0;
    bit1 = 1;
    position = p; // bit position, where to begin inverting
    nbits = n; // number of bits to invert

    repeat nbits times
    shift mask to the left by 1 bit
    mask = mask OR bit1
    end repeat

    shift mask to the left by position bits
    Now, after mask is built - you need to perform a XOR operation on your initial value and you get the output value.

    Take a look at this C tutorial:

    Go by link: "Machine Level Operations". This section has bits operations that you need.
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