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HELP! Qbasic writers block.

Default_UserDefault_User Posts: 1Member
Hello, I am currently tutoring a student in a begining computer science class. Before the student turns it in i like to walk them through step by step. I am trying to figure out how to do this program this time around, and I am stumped.

I am to find (from a seperate .txt file) the Area's higher then 10,000 and save the county that is included in that in an array, but every time my code prints out 200 lines of the same thing, then moves to the next area..can I please have some assistance!?

I have included the code i have come up with so far, and the .txt file...please help!

DIM state as string
DIM county as string
DIM population
DIM area
DIM largecounty(1 TO 200) as string
DIM count

OPEN "2000Census.txt" FOR INPUT AS #1
INPUT #1, state, county, population, area
IF area > 10000 THEN
FOR n = 1 TO 200
LET largecounty(n) = county
print largecounty(n)
LET Count = Count + 1
Print count

Thank you!



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