VC++ console base graphics help???

Dear friends ,

I'm using VC++ 2008 on Win 7 . I've a problem in console base graphics, when i compile the code of rectangle drawing, output does not show color instead letter "UUU", background color is fine but it does not show just color show "UUU" letters in rectangle ..
i'll show u code and output as well....

using namespace std;

int main ( )
{ init_graphics( );
color foreground, background;//variables to set colour scheme

foreground = cBROWN;
background = cGREEN;

set_color(foreground, background);

return 0;




  • [color=Blue]I can't really tell anything without looking at the code of all these functions. What is "msoftcon.h" header? Never heard of it. I hope it is not some old header coming from DOS days. Because Console Application in VC 2008 is not DOS.[/color]
  • ok i send u definition of these functions
    when i compile the code on VC++ 6.0 i got the perfect output. "UUU" didn't show

    i wanna use VC++ 2008.....
    do u have any idea how can i use graphics in VC++

  • [color=Blue]I see... so it WORKED in VC6? One of the changes between archaic VC6 and awesome VS 2008 is that project settings by default include "Use Unicode Character Set" setting to ON. VC6 has "Use Multi-Byte Character Set" by default.

    - From VS 2008 menu bar select "Project"
    - Select " Properties" menu item in a popup menu
    - On the left side (in a tree) select "Configuration Properties / General" node
    - On the right side (Project Default group) there is a setting "Character Set". Check if it is set to "Use Unicode Character Set". If so, then change it to "Use Multi-Byte Character Set".
    - Click OK
    - Make a full rebuild of your code

    If that did not help - well... I am out of ideas... :-)
  • do u have any idea about graphics in VC++

    like turbo C++ have graphic.h ...
    which graphics library give me all the function of graphics.h
    ..please tell me...
  • [color=Blue]Aha... I see, now. :-)

    To write graphical programs you need to use Win32 API. Or, there are some alternatives, like OpenGL library or DirectX library. Pick one. But you need to learn how to program for Windows. Get a Petzold book: "Programming Windows". I believe it is available even online.[/color]
  • dear i'm beginner in c++
    my semester project is going on i wanna develop a game on win32 console application
    so please give me idea about that i wanna using graphics i have no idea OPEN GL or DirectX...

    please tell me,
    i have no idea about Win32 application
    still I'm working on Win32 console application...
  • [color=Blue]Win32 console will never have any graphics - it was simply not designed by Microsoft to have ANY graphics in console! The only thing console can do is take text input and print text output with different colors. That is all it can do.

    To make a game - you need to learn Win32 and multi-threaded coding, because games are multi-threaded programs.

    You have another (easier) choice - you can make a game in ancient Turbo C compiler (using that graphics.h file) and it will work in Windows.[/color]
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