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Builder C++ 4 Indy 9 Install problem

I have been using the Indy 9.0 components for some time on Builder 4 using Windows XP.

I have now got a new PC running Windows 7. I have installed Builder together with all the updates and installed all the other components that I have been using.

However I cannot get the Indy compoinents to install. When I use Component -> Install Package I get the following error message:

Can't load package C:Program Files (x86)BorlandBuilder4IndyC4dclIndy40.bpl.
The specified module could not be found.

I have set the paths in both the project and the Environment to include the ..IndyC4 directory.

Any ideas as to the step I am missing?


  • royschofieldroyschofield Member Posts: 2
    Problem solved:

    Fullc4.bat places Indy40.bpl in the Windows System32 directory. In this case access was denied thus the file was not copied.

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