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How do I support copying data to the clip board?

rsherry8rsherry8 Member Posts: 1
I am currently developing an application using C++ and MFC. After gathering user data, it runs for a bit and produces its output in a separate window. I created this output window by deriving from the class CframeWnd and then defining CoutputWindow::OnCreate. I would consider this to be fairly standard.

It works and the output displayed is correct but I would the user to be able to highlight part or the entire window using his/her mouse and then type control-C to copy the highlighted text to the clip board. That part does not work. Is there an easy way for me to make this work? Did I make the wrong decision when I derived from CframeWnd? By any chance, is there a standard class in MFC that supports this feature with little or no additional work by the programmer?


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