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How to get edit control value from sub tab in main tabControl.

Alice86Alice86 Member Posts: 3
Hi, all..

i'm now using Visual c++ in Visual Studio 2005 for my project. i faced problem in getting other tab value in main tab ..Below are details of my problem.
In the main tab control(CTabDialogControl), i have another sub tab . IDD_MACHINE is my other dialog ID while the CTabFourthDialog is this tab class name.. and IDD_EDITMCNO is a edit control in this tab, IDD_EDITMCNO passing value to a variable called m_McNo.

[code]DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_EDITMCNO, m_McNo)[/code] >> this is the edit control in CTabFourthDialog.
When i retrieved value from IDC_EDITMCNO within CTabFourthDialog, below statement can work properly:
[code]CString sMachNo;

but when i trying to retrieve the value IDC_EDITMCNO from CTabFourthDialo in CTabDialogControl , it return me a error. below shown the code i wrote in CTabDialogControl.
[code] CString sMachNo;

and i getting this error when compile the program.
[quote]Error1 error C2228: left of '.GetWindowTextA' must have class/struct/union.[/quote]

Please guide me to solve this problme..
Your help i will very appreciate..
Thanks very much :)

Alice :)

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