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Builder C++ and WMI

smjonessmjones Member Posts: 2
I'll admit right off the bat that I'm an experienced Microsoft Visual Studio developer. I used Turbo C++ many, many years ago. I have no plans to be proficient with Builder and Turbo C++, but only to get the job done and go back to VS.

I was recently handed a project at work that was written using builder. I downloaded the free version of Turbo C++ 2006 and am trying to add comm port enumeration. I'd like to use WMI to enumerate the available comm ports on a windows OS machine but have run into a problem. I needed a windows library called wbemuuid.lib and found out how to convert it to a version that builder likes to see using coff2omf.exe. That **seemed** to work, at least it linked. But the code I have also needs atlbase.h for the ATL COM stuff that will get me access to WMI.

How do you do COM in Builder? I need an ATL CComPtr class and access to CoCreateInstance() and all the other ATL COM related things.

Yes I know you can check the registry for comm port devices but it may not work with 3rd party comm cards because they aren't required to write to the registry. I have a few other ways to for comm ports other than using WMI but before I go down that path I like to see what I can find out about using WMI in Builder.




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