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HELP: I couldn't put back the default ARROW pointer!

Anh TruongAnh Truong Member Posts: 2
I attach my VC++ 6.0 project here, I can select a desired pointer shape as I desired, but I can't select the default Window ARROW pointer (select = 0) ... it always remains as the previous selected pointer & I don't know why?

As MSDN suggested, before quiting I did DestroyCursor in OnSysCommand(), but it doesn't help (after exit, the pointer remain as tha last selection ... before I selecting ARROW shape) & I don't have error occured (error not equals ZERO)

Can anyone knowing why? Thanks to any help!


  • Anh TruongAnh Truong Member Posts: 2
    Meanwhile I am waiting for help I did find out the solution:

    1. When Init() the program must use HANDLE h_ARROW = LoadCopyCursor(OCR_NORMAL) in order to load the ARROW & copy into the handle (using LoadImage & CopyImage)

    2. Then when call function just load h_ARROW instead:
    if(m_Type == 0)
    SetSystemCursor((HCURSOR)h_ARROW, OCR_NORMAL);

    It is working now, CHEERS
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