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Batch File

NabilaNabila Member Posts: 1
I m new to this..!

As per your suggestion to use the following code in a bat file to find the folder size:
@Echo On
@For /F "tokens=*" %%a IN ('"dir /s /-c | find "bytes" | find /v "free""') do @Set summaryout=%%a
@Echo %summaryout%
@For /f "tokens=1,2 delims=)" %%a in ("%summaryout%") do @set filesout=%%a&set sizeout=%%b
@Echo %filesout%
@Echo %sizeout%
@Set sizeout=%sizeout:bytes=%
@Echo %sizeout%
@Set sizeout=%sizeout: =%
@Echo Size is :%sizeout%
@Echo OFF

but when i m trying to execute this bat file i am unable to get the result i mean its so fast that i m unable to capture the data availale in it..!!
please help me..

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