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MFC CListView Problem with SetItem

solarhawk_3000solarhawk_3000 Member Posts: 3
I am using a CListView in an MFC SDI application. I am able to add columns using InsertColumn(LPLVCOLUMN) and able to set the item in column 1 with InsertItem(LPLVITEM) but when I try to add subitems to columns 2 and above using SetItem(LPLVITEM), the subitems do not display their text.

I am using Visual Studio 2008 Professional. When I try to add columns, items, and subitems to a List Control in a Dialog Box, SetItem works.

I am setting the style of the list view with a call to ModifyStyle(0,LVS_REPORT) so that it is in the report mode. All that appears in the list view is the column headings (successfully printed) and the item text for column 1. Columns 2 and above are blank.

Any help would be appreciated.


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